flange sheild

flange sheild

PTFE flange shield
heat resistance
available for all sizes
can be customized
resistant to sun, rain,fumes

PTFE Flange Protector / PTFE flange cover / plastic flange protectors


Yingxing  selects the highest quality raw materials, and accumulated technology experience for many years to design and manufacture PTFE flange protector, which can resist leaking of hazardous high-temperature materials.


PTFE flange shield

Yingxing PTFE flange protector's Superior performance:Engineered design with flange fiberglass fabric for extraordinary strength fabric as well as commercial fabric grades for less critical applications

Special coatings in fabric provide exceptional protection and crack resistance

Temperature resistance up to 300°C

Laminated barrier film for reduced permeation of flue gases and excellent barrier properties

Insulation option on the hot side of the expansion joint for dramatic increase of continous usage temperature


PTFE flange shield

Power Generation

•Pulp and Paper Plants

•Cement Plants

•Steel Mills & Foundries

•Chemical Processing & Refineries